Reasons Why Your Urine Is Appear In Dark Colour


If you have observed, the colour of your urine isn't the same every day. It keeps changing everyday due to many factors.When the urine is too dark, it seems abnormal and that is when you tend to panic. Well, sometimes, it could happen due to very simple reasons like dehydration too.But even major health issues like UTI, cancer, kidney stones, gall stones and liver failure could also show dark urine as the first symptom. That is why it is important to know about the reasons.Here are some reasons why your urine is appear in dark colour.

Reasons why your urine is appear in dark colour are:

1.Dehydration could be one reason behind dark urine. Other symptoms like dry mouth, fatigue, lightheaded feeling accompany if dehydration is the reason. If that is the case, drinking water and fruit juices can help. A drink that replenishes electrolytes may also help.

2.Foods like blackberries, beetroot, fava beans and carrots can change the colour of the urine. If foods are the reason for the change in colour, when you stop eating those foods, things will be normal again.

3.Even antibiotics and laxatives can affect the colour. If you take vitamin B supplements, urine may turn bright in shade.

4.Dark urine could also be due to liver issues. Hepatitis, cirrhosis and some other liver issues can also cause the change in colour. Consult a doctor immediately to get the conditions diagnosed.

5.Gallstones could also be one reason. If severe pain in the stomach follows, it could be due to gall bladder issues.

6.If cancer occurs inside the gall bladder or pancreas, it could also cause dark urine. Consult a doctor immediately.

7.Certain health issues could result in blood in the urine. In such cases, urine gets a dark shade due to the presence of blood. Bladder infections, urethritis, enlarged prostate gland and kidney stones may change the shade of the urine. 

These are the reasons why your urine appears in dark colour. Asianet Online