Reasons Why Married Women Are More Attractive

You know what? Most of the single men fantasise married women in their dreams. Yes, there is something very attractive about those graceful women. Single women, though beautiful, can't match the overall elegance that a married woman displays.In fact, in many surveys, men openly declared that they had a crush on a married neighbour or a married female colleague in the office.Men are drawn towards the married woman more because of many reasons. Though men seldom dare to approach married women to start a relationship, they do dream of such things inside their minds without expressing it out.Here are some reasons why married women are more attractive.

1.Married Women Carry An Air Of Confidence: Compared to single women who are not yet into dating, married women appear to be more confident. That confidence itself makes them look attractive.

2.They Know What Men Want: As married women are already experienced, they tend to know a lot about men's psychology and their emotional needs. So, they can quickly assess a man and develop a rapport.

3.They Are More Comfortable With Themselves: As a woman goes through several phases, she gradually starts feeling comfortable in her own skin. Her inhibitions will drop a bit. Her inferiority complex will fade out. As she ages, she will start realising her own potential in many areas of life and that itself makes her look more beautiful.

4.They Don't Show Any Sign Of Insecurity: Unlike young girls who throw immature tantrums, married women come across as focused people and they display a sense of security which brings grace to their personality.

5.They Are Unattainable: The fact that they are unattainable makes them look more beautiful. Yes, men develop more interest on impossible targets compared to what's easily available.

6.Certainly They Aren't Skinny: The best thing is the fact that most of the married women aren't skinny. Slim women are okay, voluptuous women are good but super skinny women devoid of curves can't excite men. Only the modeling industry believes in such illusions.

7.They Are Straight Forward: Married women tend to be straight forward in their conversations as they are matured and know how to put across their point efficiently. That makes it a pleasure to discuss any topic with them.

8.Motherly Care+Feminine Beauty= Married Women: A married woman has played both the roles. She knows how to entice a man with her charms and at the same time, she also knows how to take care of a man (or even children) like a caring figure. This combination is deadly. In fact, a woman who knows only to seduce is inadequate. Unless a woman wakes up to the caring side in her, she isn't a complete woman according to some men. Married women are complete.

These are the reasons why married women are more attractive. Asianet Online