Reasons Why Women Give Headache As An Excuse

Many married men must have experienced this situation. When you are really in a mood to break the bed, your wife suddenly upsets you by saying she isn't in a mood. When you try to persuade her, she simply says she has a headache.In that moment, neither can you force her nor can you control your desire. But you don't have a choice. You may need to go to sleep. But have you ever tried to help her?If you ever try to help her when she says headache, she might not give such excuses the next time. If you are selfish then you might not be able to win her. Find out the reason why she complains headache and find ways to eliminate the problem.Here are some reasons why women give headache as an excuse.

1.She Is Tired: If you can ever take a look at how much work women do at home and at the workplace, you will understand that being tired could be the side effect of the tremendous amount of efforts they put in to keep things stable. Yes, they do get tired.

2.She's Is Bored Of You: If you haven't been so impressive in bed, she will obviously be bored of the repetitive things you do in bed. So, a headache would surely save her from the boredom.

3.It Is Painful For Her: Due to certain medical issues, sometimes intercourse could be painful. If that is the case, you might need to be sensitive enough and understand her problem first. Give her medical attention immediately or else you might not get enough love from her.

4.You Have Hurt Her: Generally, when a husband says something that hurts a wife, she may wish to sulk or revolt or stay silent. Some women wait till the right bedroom moment and simply give the ‘headache' excuse to let the man starve a bit so that he would apologise. 

5.You Are Not Romantic: Women expect some romantic things before the actual lovemaking process. If you ignore all the necessary steps and directly move into the act, they might hate it. And some or the other day, they would give headache as the excuse to make you realise the same.

6.She Is Stressed Up: Does she have worries, concerns or any issues that are troubling her? Does she have lots of workplace stress or any other kind of an issue? Then try to sort it out as she may not be able to get rid of that headache unless you do so.

7.She Needs To Talk To You: When a woman wants you to know about something that is tormenting her, she may not be in a mood to make love. You need to first make her talk and give her enough attention. Otherwise, her headache would stop your romantic advances.

These are the reasons why women give headache as an excuse. Desk: Asianet Online