Recipe of Madhura Kizhangu Uppumavu

Uppumavu gained global prominence as it is a quick and healthy recipe that simply oozes delicious flavour. We bring to you a new twist to this rising phenomenon, with Madhura Kizhangu (sweet potato) being the star of the show. The smooth and silky goodness of this dish has made it a breakfast favourite on our shores and we hope you love it as well.


Sweet Potato - 500 g

Green Chilly - 5 no.

Onion - 1 no.

Mustard Seed - 10 g

Red Chilly (dry) - 3 no

Curry Leaves - 1 pinch

Coconut Oil - 25 ml

Salt - to taste

Method of Preparation

Grate the sweet potato, put it in boiling water and strain it. Heat coconut oil in a kadai, add mustard seed, dry red chilli, curry leaves, onion and sauté for two minute. Then add green chilli and potato; season with salt.