How To End A Relationship Gracefully

Any relationship be it with your parents, your partner, your children, a colleague, a neighbor or a friend is quite complex and requires a lot of effort to sustain. There are certain relationships that are for a lifetime like with your siblings and parents where the bonds are forever. Other relationships like a marriage or a love affair are however a little more less permanent and are susceptible to breakups. There is no easy way to end a relationship, especially after a lot of work has gone into it.Here are some ways to end a relationship gracefully.

Ways to end a relationship gracefully are:

1.Take the blame: Even when you feel that the other person was the cause for the relationship to turn sour, it helps sometimes to take the blame. Tell him that it is you who is not ready to stay in this relationship and that you need to spend time on yourself and need to stay by yourself for a while.

2.Do not end it abruptly: Do not end a relationship abruptly. There can be signs that are around for a long time and there are chances that you alone can see it or the other person is trying their best to ignore it. Take your time to talk, explain why and how long you have been feeling this way. Do not wake up one day and let the other person know that you are no longer interested in the relationship. It could be very painful.

3.Keep others out of it: Do not bring in anyone else to deal with your breakup. Like the adult you are, take responsibility for the situation and deal with it yourself. Do not play the blame game but explain carefully as to what went wrong and why you took the decision.

4.Let the other person be the first to know: If you want to end a relationship, it only makes sense that you tell the person you are in a relationship with first. A lot of people get scared and try to pass on the news of the breakup to the relevant person by spreading the word in the friends circle. This can irrevocably damage any future chances of reconciliation and the ending too can turn out to be pretty traumatic for everyone involved.

5.Spend time with him if he requests it: If he is taking it badly and needs someone to be with after, be there for him as a friend. If he is jumping into a relationship soon after the breakup, do not be judgmental or critical. You can even help him in finding the right person.

These are the ways to end a relationship gracefully.