Skin and hair during rain with these easy hacks

Particular care should be taken of the face and hair during the monsoon season. With face and hair, we can impress anyone in a moment. The beauty of face and hair also adds to our confidence. We are going to tell you that you can keep your hair and face healthy even during the rainy season with these tips. Let's know.

How to take care of skin

- If you get soaked in rainwater, then take a bath with hot water and wipe the whole body with the help of towels.

- There is also a danger of increasing fungal infection during the rainy season. So during this time keep your hands and feet dry properly. During this time you can use antifungal powder.

- To keep the skin soft, use moisturizer containing lactic acid, glycolic acid.

Take special care of hair like this

- Keep distance from hair products as much as possible in the rain. However, during this time, use mild shampoo and conditioner.

- Whenever you wash the hair, then you must use a conditioner. So that the hair will get proper nutrition.

- Eat more food that has high protein content.

- Massage also nourishes hair. Massage with light hands and it is necessary to consume plenty of water.

- Keep distance from the hairdryer even during rainy season. Desk: Asianet Online