Things That A Man Needs More Than Beauty

You know why dating could be tough? Well, beauty can intoxicate you and mislead you. It can totally colour your decisions.When you are in the company of a very beautiful woman, you tend to go into a trance. All your thoughts, words and actions revolve around her. She will soon become the center of your universe.That is how you get carried away. Remember the fact that beauty is only a turn on. Once a relationship starts, there are many other factors that come into play.From compatibility to co-operative spirit, many other aspects come into play to make a relationship successful. If you just crave for her beauty then you may or may not take the right decision.Here are some things that a man needs more than beauty.

1.There Should Be A Soul-To-Soul Connection: Relationships are not about rolling on the bed with your partner forever. There should be a connection at some other level apart from the physical one.

2.There Should Be Compassion: Okay, she is as beautiful as an angel. But does she have compassion? Will she be able to forgive your mistakes? Well, in the long run, nobody could be perfect. We all make mistakes but your peace depends upon how tolerant your partner is.

3.Is She Kind Hearted? This world is filled with only two types of people. Some are givers and some are takers. The takers are selfish people who never give. The givers are selfless people who keep giving everything to others. So, finding a kind hearted selfless woman is more important.

4.Is She A Listener? Listening is a skill. Not everyone can be a good listener. When you are expressing your anguish or frustration, if she simply walks away without listening, you might feel abandoned. So, find a good listener who can also be with you to face the ups and downs of life.

5.Empathy: Empathy is a quality which allows human beings to realise the problems of others. If your woman is too concerned about her own comforts, she can't show empathy.

6.Intellectual Wavelength: In order to keep a conversation going, you need intellectual compatibility. Check on that first.

7.Resolving Fights: Fights and disagreements are common in any relationship. But how well you solve them is more important. If you are able to resolve disagreements amicably without getting abusive, then you might click. Otherwise, even if she is extremely beautiful, your relationship may not go too far.

These are the things that a man needs than beauty. Asianet Online