Things That Your Boyfriend Secretly Likes

Women are enigmatic. We all know that. Men are not a mystery. But still, there are some secret wishes in every man's wish list. Though men seem to be more expressive, when it comes to openly admitting certain things to a special someone, they too shy away.Maybe, a man doesn't want to look like childish. Or maybe he expects a woman to voluntarily discover his inner wishes. Whatever the reasons are, it is a fact that men too have some secret wishes.Yes, men secretly desire to flirt with all women in your circle, but we are not talking about such crazy desires which might make you angry. There are others secret wishes which may sound better.Here are some things that your boyfriend secretly likes.

1.When You Text First: Generally, men text first and tend to initiate conversations. But secretly, men do love women texting first and taking the lead. But seldom do women take such actions!

2.When You Take His Mom For Dinner: Though he never expresses such desires, he would love to see you mingling well with this mother. If you ever take his mother out for a dinner, he will worship you for the rest of his life!

3.When You Touch Him Voluntarily: He loves to touch you all the time. But sometimes, he too secretly desires that you show interest in touching him when acts indifferent.

4.When You Give Him A Massage: When he says he is tired, he is secretly expecting a massage from you. If you are clever enough to get the clue, go ahead!

5.When You Show Interest In His Career: Men feel like supermen when their women show interest in their careers and give suggestions. Men secretly love women guiding them in their careers.

6.When You Praise Him In Front Of Everyone: Look into his eyes when you praise him in public. Though men never express such silly desires, they feel very grateful when a woman praises them in public.

7.When You Feed Him With Love: There is a child in every man's heart. When you feed him like a mother, he would secretly love you forever!

8.When You Gift Him With A Beer: This step would surely melt his heart as every man would secretly wish to get a beer as a gift from his woman.

9.When You Act Like His Wife: Even though you are just friends, just act like his wife for a few moments and start showing interest in his life, future and finances... he will surely go crazy for you. He will propose you in a jiffy!

10.When You Pack All Your Affection In A Single Kiss On His Forehead: There are so many types of kisses. Some are romantic whereas some are casual. But kiss his forehead with affection and he will crave for your company for a lifetime.

These are the things that your boyfriend secretly likes.