Tips To Make A Guy Feel Special

Winning a guy’s heart is not tough if you know the way to do that. Girls may fish around for diamonds and expensive gifts to be wooed, but men are much simpler. All they want is a little extra attention.Here are some tips to make a guy feel special.

Tips To Make A Guy Feel Special are:

1.Seek his advice:Do this even for things that you don’t actually need advice on. This may sound like you’re pretending but you will actually be boosting his ego. Guys like it when you ask them for help. It can be help regarding an emotional problem or even a plumbing issue in the bathroom. Sometimes it is important to simply communicate to them that they are the ones you would look up to in case of a problem.

2.Praise his character in front of his family:This is going to be invaluable to your guy. Subconsciously, men are always looking to seek approval from their family about their achievements. If you compliment him in front of his folks, he is going to feel so special.

3.Look beautiful when you go out with him in public:Guys love to flaunt their girlfriends. Looking beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean wearing lots of makeup. It means holding his arm and having lots of confidence and a huge smile.

4.Shower compliments:Throw in compliments on his impeccable taste in clothing, food and the fine things in life. Do this sparingly, you don’t want to overdo it and make it sound fake.

5.Be one of his pals:Guys don’t like being romantic and mushy all the time. No wonder they are always looking for a change to hang out with their boy gang. Dump your wine glass for a bit and pick up a beer with him. In other words, try and involve yourself in what he and friends like things that you are not particularly fond of, but that’s the least you can do to make him feel special.

6.Give him a massage:It doesn’t literally have to be a massage you can even buy him a voucher for a spa therapy session. The point is to go out of your way and think of how he can relax and take some time off. If you notice him particularly tired on a certain day, give him a nice aromatic massage and see how it works wonders.

7.Defend him:It’s usually the guys who are always in charge of defending and protecting their girls but you should take that responsibility too. If you witness anyone blaming your man, being sarcastic to him or trying to taint him, take charge and defend him in public. This will increase the respect that he has for you.

8.Fix him a yummy breakfast:Instead of having the usual toast and eggs,cook him a great pancake and maple syrup breakfast on a weekend. Small things like these will make him feel treasured.

9.Take interest in his hobbies:Your man will feel supported and cared for if you take interest in his hobbies. Try listening to the music he likes, the football games he watches or the books he reads. Talk to him about his hobbies from time to time.

10.Greet him with surprises:Your daily routine of going to the office and coming back can take a toll on your love life. But unless you take initiative, nothing will sort itself out. Try something new every day. Greet your man with flowers or a nice drink or a surprise movie at your home theater.

These are the tips to make a guy feel special.