Tips to get rid of Baldness


In order to avoid the problem of hair loss, we will give you information about mixing one thing in coconut oil and applying it to your hair, which you can get rid of by your falling hair and baldness.

The problem of hair loss is more in men than in women. If your body is deficient in protein or you do not eat well. So your hair starts falling, so you can have a breakfast of protein-rich breakfast. But the measures we are going to tell you today. 

Before knowing this remedy, you should know that there should not be much salt in your food. You should consume salt in limited quantity. For this you take one lemon and one or two gooseberries, you remove the gooseberry seeds and grind them, then after mixing them both, after that mix it well on the surface of the head before going to bed every night. Put it to sleep and in the morning wash your hair with a natural shampoo. Do this only twice a week.

You can also take a vitamin E capsule. Take a bowl and take one capsule oil in the bowl and then take pure coconut oil as per your requirement. Now mix both of you well where your hair is falling. You have to apply there and massage for a while. Desk: Asianet Online