Tips To Make Your Man Jealous

It does not matter how safe and secure your boyfriend is about you, but certain things and situations can make him jealous at a point. In this article, today, we are not here to share any evil thoughts about jealousy; however, on a lighter note, we are here to add a bit of spark to your boring love life. Sometimes, people need to taste their own medicine or they do not react until it actually affects them. Generally, it is noted that men are a bit lame in expressing their true feelings, but when it is about being possessive and protective they can be the best! If you have been in a relationship for quite some time now or want to seek some attention from a cute guy, there is only one trick that works best and that is just "JEALOUSY". There is nothing cuter than a man being jealous.

1.Have An "I Don't Care" Attitude: Having an "I Don't Care" attitude often works wonders. This makes the man ponder on why you are not paying attention to him or trying to sort the issues together. They tend to talk to you more and find out reasons for this sudden change and, yes, this trick does work. This is one of the easiest ways to make your man feel jealous.

2.Pretend To Be Busy: No matter how much you're craving to go on a dinner date or on a long drive with your man, "DO NOT" ever jump on the first offer that he makes. Remember, agreeing to their first move always makes them lazy and they take you for granted. They cannot tolerate being ignored. So pretend to be busy and ask him to shift the plans for other times. This move makes your man jealous for sure!

3.Never Respond Immediately: Do not answer his call in the first ring or reply to his text immediately, if you are planning on making your man jealous. Take your own sweet time, but do reply to him within an hour or two. This makes them buckle up their shoes.

4.Have Brief Conversations: Never be an open book. Men love to explore and learn new things about the women they love. If you feel your conversations are getting too monotonous, its time you stop disclosing about yourself to them. A sense of insecurity makes them jealous.

5.Have A Great Time Without Him: This trick works best to make him jealous. Men have a perception that their lady is the most happiest when she is with them. Take a break, hang out with your other friends and spend some good time without him and finally see the result. Yes, there you have it, A JEALOUS MAN!!

These are the ways to make your man jealous. Desk: Asianet Online