Toxic thoughts that can kill a relationship

The fundamental cause of relationships getting broken is due to insecurities, anger, sadness, and thinking in a negative aspect. You and your partner must develop a sense of understanding, listen to the thoughts of one another, and help in comprehending the needs of one another. Complications arise in a relationship when there are a lot of toxic thoughts that pile up and breaks the healthy bond of relationship. When there is no communication, but silence, it kills the relationship. You need to handle your problems maturely, but not lower your self-respect or settle for something less than what you deserve.

A healthy relationship arises when there is mutual understanding, moderate expectations, and respect for each other. It often happens that love between partners fade when there is constant nagging, passive aggression, and when both you and your partner are not on the same page.

Here are the top 5 toxic thoughts that can create broil in your relationship:

1) Your partner does not love you anymore

A lot of times, relationships fail to blossom as both partners are busy in their professional lives. If they begin to invest less time in the bond, it does not mean that they don't love you anymore. It can create a hassle due to insecurities. Do not seek constant validation from your partner, as it kills a relationship. Mention about these issues to your partner, and speak your mind out. If they still don't understand, then take a conscious call for yourself.

2) Mind games

If you think that your partner will comprehend your thought process, then let us tell you that he or she is not a magician. Do understand, that a lifetime will go but it is impossible to comprehend the human mind. If you have thoughts like, "he did not message or call me", "she did not enquire about me", or "he is being egoistic", then speak up. Let your partner know about those feelings, rather than keeping it hidden within you. 

3) Expectations lead to misery

As they say, "expectations are the root cause of misery".  It is a normal tendency to accept that your partner understands you, but love is unconditional. The moment you tie it with expectations, it creates conflict. What's meant to be yours will always find its way, and what's not, then you should let it go. Do not develop unrealistic expectations.

4) Heard about 'stonewalling'?

'Stonewalling', basically means creating a defense mechanism in the mind, in order to avoid hurt. Do not project your inhibitions, weaknesses in your relationships. Do not sound like a cry baby. Let bygones be bygones. If the relationship is worth fighting for, then change yourself. If it is just about one-sided efforts then it is better to skip it. 

5) Passive aggression

This is the kind of trait, where your partner will give you silent treatment if they are upset with you. When there is a lack of understanding and expression in a relationship, passive aggression takes over.

It is important that you keep your peace of mind intact when in a relationship. Do not sound needy or desperate. One should go with the flow.