Ways That Live In Relationships Start And End

The idea of living together without marriage seems to excite some people. This has become a raising trend in the urban areas of the world where educated youth wish to take decisions with a free mind.Of course, judging whether live-in relationships are good or bad is not the focus of this article but let us discuss how some of them start and end.And when there is a break up, the scars are bigger in the case of a live in relationship. Also, when there is nothing binding two people, obviously, they wish to part ways the moment the passion fades out.Only couples who genuinely love each other could endure the highs and lows of life and stick to each other even when no contract like a marriage binds them.Here are some ways that live in relationships start and end.

1.The idea of living together with your newly found love that too without waiting till marriage formalities excites you so much. Both of you find a new house and get into it as you have been waiting since a few days.

2.Both of you dream about a beautiful future every day. You discuss plans and chalk out ways to implement them.

3.As your intimacy increases, others around you will look like fools to you. Without all the formalities of marriage, you are able to enjoy a beautiful life; that gives you the ultimate kick. Sometimes, breaking the norms and thinking differently gives a high!

4.In the starting stages, both of you share all the chores equally and help each other. Sometimes, you tend to go out of your way to help your partner due to the love.

5.But, gradually, the bad habits of each other tend to come out as you are living under the same roof. She starts hating your drinking habit. She calls you a lazy couch potato too. When you leave wet towels on the bed, she almost sees you like a repulsive idiot. And you hate the way she is over critical with you.

6.Arguments start. Till that day, both of you looked at the positive sides of each other, but after that day, you will start seeing the negative aspects in each other. It turns into a competition. You maintain a list of her faults as she does the same.

7.You just wait for an opportunity to take revenge. So whenever she spends a little more than expected, you will sit and ask for the account and insult her as if she is eating your common funds. She feels terribly insulted.

8.As your worries, tensions, and EMIs multiply, you will start losing peace. Your productivity in your office goes for a toss.

9.You feel like crying looking at your life. A life devoid of any joy depresses you.

10.You suddenly get an idea! You remember that you are not yet married to her. You realise that you have the freedom to walk out. Suddenly your lips stretch to smile.

11.The moment you express the idea, your girlfriend almost slaps you. She isn't ready for the break up.

12.But after she goes to work, a handsome colleague proposes her not knowing that she is living with you. She too blushes without saying anything.

13.Finished! She throws your luggage out and shows you the door. "This is what you wanted even when I have deeply loved you!", she cries. As you were waiting to escape from the relationship since long, you quickly run away without analysing why she didn't let you go yesterday but readily agreed for separation today.

Well, not all live-in relationships are like that, but the ones which start only on the basis of physical attraction tend to end like that. But live-in relationships based on true love can endure all phases and last longer.


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