Ways to Beat Stress in 10 Minutes

1.Take deep breaths

When you feel that you are really stressed out, stop everything that you are doing. It does not matter even if you cannot find a secluded spot. Anywhere that you are, you need to stop doing whatever and take a few deep breaths and let all the negative energy flow out of your body. This breathing technique will relieve your body of all the accumulated stress.


You need not go into elaborate meditation techniques to get rid of stress. It can be a continuation of the above breathing exercise, only done in a sitting relaxed position, or do it lying down.

3.Force your head to go blank

For ten minutes every day force your head to go blank. Do not think of anything that you know will stress you out.

4.Take ten minutes off to plan

Plan and think of all the things that stress you. Make a list and come up with ways that could help you eliminate stress from your life.

5.Smile a lot

When you smile, you not only brighten up the day for the others, but you always get relived of some stress. Even though itis not scientifically proven, it does remain a fact.

6.Let your thoughts fly

Let your thoughts fly with abandon every time you are stressed out. Think of whatever that would help you beat the stress and remain calm. If a beautiful scenery would make you calm, then imagine being in such a place.

7.Count from 1 to 100 real slow

When you count from 1 to 100 real slow and for added effect try to multiply each number by five, the complex calculations will take your mind off the stress and you will find that you are not thinking much about it any longer.

8.Take a 10 minute power nap

Sleep is the best way to get rid of stress and if you cannot find the time for a good sleep, at least take a power nap during the day to relax you. You can even get a solution during your nap for your stress.

9.Start running

When you are pounding the road or the sand, think of each step as running over each thing that is causing you stress. This should help beat the stress.

10.Take a break from wanting to know everything about the world.

Sometimes too much news is bad news. Things that you have no control over can stress you out. Instead of stressing over your inability to change things you cannot, stop reading stuff that stresses you or depresses you.


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