Ways To Deal With A Persistent Ex

After both of you have mutually ended the relationship it is better to move on and focus on other areas of your life. It is not healthy to get stuck up emotionally. We are all different and we have our own ways of dealing with things. Some of us may find it easier to deal with emotional disappointments whereas some are clingy. The problem with clingy people is that they hesitate to move on. They tend to feel depressed after a break up. In such a situation, they might need healing or some therapy that helps them move on.Here are some ways to deal with a persistent ex.

Ways to deal with a persistent ex are:

1.Be Open: Explain why you can't get back or stay in touch. Be quick in telling about your new relationship and try to keep the conversation short. Ensure that you don't display any emotions as that might suck both of you into the drama. Never be harsh, but be compassionate.

2.Share Love But In A Different Way: You don't have to insult your ex for coming back. Try to understand that person's pain with your heart felt love but at the same time, don't allow that person to take it for granted and harass you.

3.Time To Cut Contact: Staying in contact could be very foolish at least when you are dealing with someone who is too clingy. Therefore, 'unfriend' that person on Facebook and change your phone number too.

4.No Physical Contact: Even if your ex says 'lets do it one last time' don't fall in the trap. That may increase the attachment between both of you. Also,if your ex blackmails you by taking your intimate pictures.

5.Don't Feel Guilty: Showing compassion or empathy doesn't mean you need to feel guilty. If you show that side of yours then your ex may utter words that may melt your heart and make you go back.

6.Avoid Some Places: For some time, avoid certain places where you may bump into your ex. Seeing each other may make things worse.

7.Keep Your Partner In The Loop: Tell your new partner and keep things transparent. Also, take his or her suggestions in getting rid of a clinging ex.

These are the ways to deal with a persistent ex.