Ways To Get Your Bridal Base Makeup Right

The key to good bridal makeup always lies in the base makeup. And that is where most people invariably screw up. You must be thinking that base makeup is really simple, but it's not. Here's how to get your bridal base makeup right.Sticking to the rules while doing your base makeup is especially important for when you're doing your bridal makeup.The base pretty much defines how the rest of the makeup would end up looking. And if the base is done wrong, the entire look can go awry, and no one wants that on such an important day of their lives.So, make sure you do your base makeup right. This post is supposed to make it all a lot easier for you. A lot of women end up picking a shade that is too light or too dark for their skin tones. Trust us, you should go closest to your skin tone when choosing the right base makeup.Here are some ways to get your bridal base makeup.

1.Shade: Try out foundation shades near your jawline and never on your hands. The jawline is where you can get a true match for your foundation.

2.Moisturise: Moisturise before you start any makeup. Properly moisturised skin is the make or break of your base makeup.

3.Primer: If you want your makeup to go on smoothly, use a primer before you start your makeup. It also makes the makeup stay for longer.

4.Foundation: Dab the foundation all over your face like you would put paint on your face. That's how to get bridal base makeup right.

5.Blend: Use a damp, egg-shaped sponge to blend the foundation. This gives an airbrush finish to the foundation and ensures that it looks like skin.

6.Conceal: Use concealer underneath your eyes, on the bridge of your nose and on your cupid's bow, to give an even coverage. Blend this using the damp sponge as well.

7.Set: Set the areas you concealed using a translucent setting powder. This ensures the makeup doesn't crease.

8.Contour: Apply bronzer underneath your cheekbones to define your jawline better. So, with these bridal base makeup tips, we hope you're all set to catch everyone's attention as a beautiful bride.

These are the ways to get your bridal base makeup right.


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