Ways To Make Your Eyeliner Last Longer

Kohl or Kajal for more than 10 years now and still fail to make the eyeliner last long. Finding the appropriate eyeliner and making it last long is quite difficult. Each one of us loves wearing an eyeliner; but the only thing that we all hate is when the eyeliner starts smudging or spreading. Spreading or smudging of your liner is because your body produces a lot of sweat, which leads to its melting.Here are some ways to make your eyeliner last longer.

Ways to make your eyeliner last longer are:

1.Dry Your Waterline: As the body produces sweat and moisture, your lashline may accumulate water easily and also allow the eyeliner to spread. Before your body starts releasing oil, moisture or sweat on the face and lash line, you should be using a cotton ball to soak the area and keep it dry. Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to run on your waterline, so that it soaks the moisture and also prevents your liner from spreading off easily.

2.Use A Water Resistant Liner/Kohl: In order to make your eyeliner last longer and prevent smudging, you should always use water resistant eyeliners. Using water resistant eyeliners is less likely to smudge throughout the day and is the best option to prevent blotching or spreading of the eyeliner. Water resistant products stay longer as compared to others, thanks to the special properties in them.

3.Avoid Moisturising The Under Eye Area: You should prevent using a moisturizer around the eye area or around the eyelids. Moisturizer is great to be used on your skin; but certainly, it is not good to be used around the eye area. You should also prevent using a moisturizer on or around the eyelid, as it makes the kohl to smudge much faster than before.

4.Dab Some Powder: Soon after you apply the eyeliner, you should dab some loose powder or translucent powder, so that it helps to set your eyeliner or eyeshadow. Applying powder can help to prevent the eyeliner from smudging. If you are applying multi layers of the eyeliner, dab some powder after every layer, in order to set it for a longer period of time.

5.Eye Primer: Eye primer is extremely important when you want to make your eyeliner last longer. In order to make your eye makeup last longer, you should apply some eye primer. Eye primer is basically a thick-textured cream which can help to make your makeup last longer and also prevent from smudging. Just smear some eye primer in the morning before wearing the makeup and you are ready to go.

6.Soften Or Smudge The Edges Of The Eyeliner/Kohl: When it comes to the corners or the tip of the eyeliner/kohl, it is important to take care of it. The edges of the eyeliner smudge easily and hence it is important to soften it beforehand with the help of a cotton swab or Q tip. This trick will also make your kohl look better and prevent it from getting smudged.

7.Pamper Your Eyelids As Well: Most of the people observe oily eyelids which is quite common for people with oily skin. Oily eyelids may be another common reason for your eyeliner or mascara to spread soon. If you have oily eyelids and lashes, you should always use a waterproof eyeliner to prevent its smudging. This easy trick can help to make your kohl/eyeliner last longer.

8.Apply Eyeshadow On Your Eyeliner: Another small trick that can help to make your eyeliner last longer is to pat some eyeshadow powder. Apply some eyeshadow powder after applying an eyeliner, so that it prevents smudging and smearing of it. If you truly want to make your kohl to last longer, use this trick every time. Choose an eyeshadow colour, which is exactly the same tone of your skin.

These are the tips to make your eyeliner last longer.

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