Why Men Love Bad Girls Secretly

The hotties with glossy lipsticks and LBDs, stilettos and tattoos on dangerous curves are sufficient to rush the blood circulation in men’s bodies. Often, women get confused why men have a thing for the bad girls. Though it is also true that finally they end up with nice girls who are loving and caring, at some point of life, the hot and naughty girls rule their minds.Men may admit it or not but the reasons why men secretly love bad girls are quiet same for all. Why not fall for those girls who won’t mind to have two extra shots of tequila? Therefore, men never mind to date bad girls primarily. The outgoing nature of them easily attracts men.Here are some reasons why men love bad girls secretly.

Reasons why men love bad girls secretly are:

1.Sex Appeal: Men hover over bad girls just for their tremendous sex appeal. They always prefer to hang out with fitted tube tops and miniskirts than mere a jeans and a top. They think the hotter you get, the more popular you are at friend's circle. One of the important reasons why men secretly love bad girls.

2.Awesome In Bed: This is why men love bad girls. They have a conception that bad girls perform wonderful at bed as they don't have any inhibition. There is no proof of this but guys never get tired to imagine what fun it would be if he could get a bad girl.

3.No Hiding Business: Bad girls mean sexy cleavage, long and hot legs and bare arms. They never hesitate to have a tattoo on their bust and also get playful at showing it. What is the guys' fault if their eyes fix on them like iron on magnet?

4.They Are Very Outgoing: Do you want to plan a road trip or a hang out at a friend's place? Good girls can never get along with such plans. Bad girls won't wait for your asking and they are confident enough to go with the flow.

5.Nothing Bad To Get Drunk: Obviously one of the commendable reasons why men secretly love bad girls. They never get arguing about two extra shots. Rather, they will encourage you and never hesitate to get drunk and compete. Beware! You can even lose to them.

6.A Good Memory: Her leaves a wonderful memory which you'll cherish throughout your life. So, consider it as one of the important reasons why men secretly love bad girls.

These are the reasons why men love bad girls secretly.