Why You Should Marry Your Girlfriend

Marrying a stranger may not make any sense these days. Times have changed and people have changed. A recent study reveals that today’s youth prefers marrying like-minded people who are compatible. If you have been going out with your girlfriend for quite some time, both of you might have known each other a bit. If you weren’t like-minded people, you would have parted ways by now. The fact that you are still together explains a lot.Marriage is almost a gamble. It might work or it may fail too. When it is a gamble in which you invest your entire life.Here are some reasons to marry your girlfriend.

Reasons to marry your girlfriend are:

1.She Knows Your Inner Demons: We all have a good side that we show the world and a bad side that we never show anyone. Of course, when you show your worst side, people will run away. But as your girlfriend is someone who has seen your best and worst, she may stick with you even when you display your worst side.

2.She Can Handle Your Crazy Side: She has been your girlfriend as she can handle you in almost all situations. Those who can’t handle you would normally walk out of your life. Marrying your girlfriend would be a wiser idea as she may not run away when you show your craziest side and crankiest moods.

3.She’ll Stay During Tough Times: Some days are good and some are bad. Sometimes, your pocket was full and sometimes, it was empty. Any other girl would walk out when your monies are over but your girlfriend never measures your wealth. This is why you should marry your girlfriend.

4.She’ll Never Give Headache As An Excuse: Let us accept it. We, men want lots of bedroom activity to make life beautiful. And when a girl comes up with headache as an excuse after you undress her, how would you feel? Your girlfriend may never come up with lame excuses because she knows your needs well. This is why marrying your best friend makes sense.

These are the reasons to marry your girlfriend.