2-day Global Digital Summit at Kochi from March 22

Top corporate honchos, business analysts and academicians will analyse the phenomenal changes in the conduct of businesses that are likely to be unleashed by new age disruptive technologies in the next 5-10 years in the Kerala’s upcoming Global Digital Summit ‘#FUTURE’.

‘Technology Disruption and Inclusion’ is among the major topics for panel discussions at the two-day event, to be held in Kochi on March 22-23, organisers said in a release.

The event is being viewed by the state government as a path-breaking initiative that would offer an array of innovative solutions for transforming the lives of people by leveraging digital and other emerging technologies.

The presentations by business and technology leaders, followed by a debate, will focus on how the changes are impacting individuals, especially the old and those with disabilities, in their daily lives and how businesses are visualising and planning to come to grips with those changes.

The speakers at ‘#FUTURE’ will also put across their ideas on how Kerala can benefit from such opportunities or contribute to the changes for making technology inclusive and sustainable, the release said.