Alert! Keep your kids safe from 'Skullbreaker challenge'

TikTok is one of the most popular apps on the Internet especially for young people including children. A new challenge, which has gone viral on the app, is making people literally break their bones.

The 'skullbreaker challenge' does exactly what the name suggests. The challenge is landing people in hospitals and causing grievous injuries as they try to pull a prank on each other.

Many people have been admitted to intensive care units for their injuries.

The 'jumping challenge' requires the participation of three people as they stand side-by-side in a line and two of the participants knock the one in the middle off balance while trying to attempt some sort of stunt. When this happens, the one in the middle falls down, not knowing that he/she was being pranked.

Since most of the videos don't really show what happens to the participants after the prank, more and more kids are being forced to try the challenge and witness the results in real life.

While the prank was started as a joke between two school students in Spain, it has now turned into a big challenge. Goes without saying, it is not at all safe to try.

In fact, many teachers are registering complaints of students harming themselves, fracturing their bones and injuring body parts as they attempt this prank.

(with news agency inputs)