Benefits of the mindful walking meditation

Mindful walking meditation gives you the physical benefits of walking (like a healthier heart and calorie burning) and active meditation (sheds stress).

Let’s look into some of the benefits of the mindful walking meditation.

1. You Attain A State Of Calm And Being Relaxed

Mindful walking meditation allows you to enjoy the pleasure of walking. Mindful walking meditation can increase your oxygen intake and help to re-energize yourself when you are feeling down.

2. Notice The Movements

It is important to pay attention to the foot movement such as lifting and how your legs move and fall. You need to feel your feet touching the ground and also make sure your weight is evenly distributed.

3. Walk Alone

In the process of walking, you need to inhale in one step and try to exhale in the next step. Try to be aware of what is around you such as road signals, notice vehicles, the lanes and others around you.

4. Share The Peace And Serenity

Walk with someone who doesn’t know walking meditation and is willing to learn. In mindful walking meditation, try to refrain from talking, so as to maintain awareness of your breathing and to be aware of the steps that you take.

5. Purpose Of Meditation

You can do mindful walking in a park or while walking on the street. You need to set the intention that walking is for the purpose of meditation. It is important that you keep your attention to the present moment and not to cling to any sights or sounds.