'Chemistry has triumphed over poll arithmetic': PM on LS poll results

Prime Minister Narendra Modi decried the 'misconception' being created that BJP was a Hindi heartland party and said the Lok Sabha poll results testified to its victories across India, stressing 'chemistry has triumphed over arithmetic'.

"Political 'pundits' are not aware that their thinking and logic is meant for the 20th century. Results show that beyond arithmetic there is chemistry and this time chemistry has triumphed over arithmetic," the Prime Minister told his electorate while thanking them profusely for their hardwork and dedication.

Modi who will be taking oath as the prime minister for the second time on May 30, said the hat-trick of victories in 2014, 2017 and 2019 - vis-a-vis the state - is no mean achievement for the BJP.

"For the country I am the PM, but for you I am your MP, I am your 'sevak'," he told the Varanasi electorate, wondering how political 'pundits' still consider his party as that of the Hindi heartland.

"There is no region where the BJP's poll percentage is not rising. We have government is Assam, getting elected in Ladakh yet political 'pundits' say (our's is) Hindi heartland politics, this is a misconception that has been created," he said.

Thanking party workers profusely for braving the sweltering summer heat to reach out to the electorate and for ensuring that campaign goes on smoothly, Modi said the workers have passed the test with distinction.

Admitting that politics is about perception, Modi lamented that a wrong impression had been created about his party through lies and wrong logic.

"Because of this wrong awful perception, people do not like standing with us. But those creating bad and wrong perception can be defeated with the help of transparency and hard work. This is the strategy to trounce it," he said.

(with news agency inputs)