Congress spreading lies from the land of Mahatma Gandhi: BJP

Rejecting allegations by Congress against the Modi government as lies, the BJP claimed that the opposition party is engaged in spreading untruths from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and appeared 'nervous' as it has sensed its 'defeat' in the coming Lok Sabha polls.

Reacting to Congress president Rahul Gandhi's and its general secretary Priyanka Gandhi's attack on the government and followed by its broadside at the CWC meeting in Gujarat's Ahmedabad, BJP leader and Union minister Prakash Javadekar told that the opposition party believes lies will be taken as truths if repeated often.

"But it does not happen like this. These Gandhis are obviously different from the Gandhi we all know. The latter followed the path of truth. These Gandhis follow lies," he told.

Rahul Gandhi's allegation that the Modi government had benefited businessman Anil Ambani to the tune of Rs 30,000 crore in the Rafale deal was one such lie, he said.

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) in its meeting in Ahmedabad accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of "cynically exploiting" the issue of national security to divert attention from his "colossal failures" and "persistent falsehoods" and asserted it won't allow him to befool the people again.

The Congress appeared nervous as it has sensed defeat in the Lok Sabha polls, Javadekar said.

He played down Priyanka Gandhi's speech attacking the BJP, saying there was nothing new in what she said.

She has been campaigning for several elections and made no impact, he added.

The BJP leader also hit back at the Congress for attacking it over the release of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar by the Vajpayee government in 1999.

The Congress, then in opposition, had organised protests of families of the passengers in the flight, which was hijacked, seeking release of Azhar and other terrorists as demanded by hijackers, he said.

The government had taken opposition parties into confidence, he claimed, accusing the Congress of practising double-faced politics.