Dharmajan on Shamna Kasim's blackmailing case

Kochi: Actor Dharmajan Bolgatty said that the gang that blackmailed actress Shamna Kasim had contacted him claiming to be gold smugglers.

"They called me during the lockdown period and asked for the phone numbers of Shamna and Miya", Dharmajan told the media after giving a statement to the police on Monday.

"Production controller Shaji Pattikkara gave them my number. A man who introduced himself as Ashkar Ali spoke to me and said they smuggle gold using celebrities and mentioned deals worth crores of rupees. I thought them to be pranksters and did not take it seriously," the actor explained.

"Later, they asked for the numbers of Shamna and Miya and asked me to introduce him to them. They called me only twice or thrice. But when I said I would complain to the police, their number became switched off. They never called me again," Dharmajan said.

The actor added that he had not told this incident to Shamna.

"I have no idea why Shaji gave my number to them. The police contacted me the other day after finding my number in their phone. I have given the police all details," Dharmajan clarified.


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