Does Age Gap Necessary In Relationship

A relationship consists of two people who are willing to accept the good and bad aspects of each other and move ahead in life together.They are willing to adjust no matter what but, does age difference matter in a relation. Yes it does matter.The norms of the society have been constructed on the basis of keeping lot of aspects in mind such as biological, physical, emotional and financial.Age is associated with the level of stability and maturity in a person which is essential in a relationship.Here are some things to know that does age gap necessary in relationship.

Things to know that does age gap necessary in relationship are:

1.Biological Aspect: Is age difference important in a relationship? Well biologically it is. Men tend to mature biological 2 years lesser than their age, while women mature 2 years over their actual age. Hence, the above suggested age gap.

2.Emotional Balance: An older person is often associated with emotional stability while the younger one is impulsive. Hence, the age gap should be maintained to have a balance in the relationship, again supporting the argument of “Is age difference important in a relationship.”

3.Financial Security: Financial stability comes with age and experience. A starter has enumerable aspects that he/she has to work-out before settling down such as bank balance etc. A proper age gap ensures that the post-marriage life is settled and one doesn’t have to fight for bare minimums.

4.Traditions: Traditionally, a man is considered as the head of the family and hence, he demands respect. This is also essential need for a social acceptance of the couple.

5.Menopausal Aspect: Is age difference important in a relationship? Yes if you take the menopausal age into consideration since men attain menopausal age after 50 while women reach menopause between 45-48 years.

6.Future Together: People want to think of retirement around 60-65 years of age. A woman of 35 would want to enjoy and make most of her life and not think of retirement as her husband who is 60, similarly if both the partners retire together they have adjustment issues.For example, in a couple with 3 years age gap, a man would have 3 years to deal with post retirement stress before the wife takes on the road for the same.

7.Relationship Issues: The older partner starts babying the younger partner; it is essential in a relationship to a certain extent but over or under indulgence of anything is bad. In same age group the factor would be missing altogether while in excessive age gap the over babying might create issues in the relationship.

8.Taking It To The Bed: An appropriate age-gap is essential for having a healthy sexual life and planning a family ahead. The sexual interest of the partners might be different in different age groups.

These are the things to know that does age gap necessary in relationship.