Factors That Must Consider While Donating Organs

Organ donation is a very sensitive subject in our country due to certain superstitious beliefs. A whooping 5 Lakh Indians are dying every year due to a major organ failure, while they could have been saved through organ transplantation.Organ transplantation is one of the major developments medical science has achieved. It gives a new leash of life to people with organ failures. Healthy organs, derived from a donor, are successfully transplanted to the patient. The kidneys, heart, liver, bone marrow and many other organs can be successfully transplanted because of the development of immune-suppressive medicines which increase the survival chances of the organ recipient.

The number of cases relating to organ failure is increasing day-by-day, because of which there is a huge demand for organ donation. Thousands of people are dying because they are not able to find a donor. Donating organs is the noblest cause one can do in their life-time. It will save someone’s life and the donor is no less than a god for them. But there is an acute short supply of donors in India. There are many reasons on why people are not willing to donate organs. The major deterrents being religious, monetary or just lack of proper knowledge on the subject. Although one cannot change the mindset of people who are not coming forward to the cause for religious purposes, it is important to spread knowledge in order to encourage those who genuinely want to help. Organ donation is the need of the hour. The organs of a healthy person can save as many as eight lives.Here are some factors to consider while donating organs.

Factors that must consider while donating organs are:

1.Age: Anyone with healthy organs can become an organ donor regardless of the age. There has been a reported case of a 98-year-old kidney donor even. So, as long as you are hale and hearty, you can donate organs irrespective of the age.

2.Quality Of The Organs: It is important that you are not suffering from any serious illnesses like HIV, diabetes or cancer. The organs have to be completely healthy and free from infection in order for transplantation.

3.Health Issues: If you are worried about your own health after donating organs, then remember that your body has the ability and will compensate for the missing organ pretty soon. You will get back to your regular and normal lifestyle in a couple of weeks’ time. Your quality of life will improve knowing that you saved someone’s precious life.

4.Cost Of Donating Organs: You will not have to incur any costs of donating your organs. If you decide to donate, the costs of the donation and transplantation will either be borne by the receiver or the hospital. You will not be paid for your donation either.

5.Matching Blood Tissues For Donating: If your blood and tissue type is matching the receiver’s, the process of transplantation will be easier. However, in extreme cases, the transplantation will be carried on even if the blood types are not matching. The patient will just be given extra attention in order to prevent the body from rejecting the organ.

These are the factors that must consider while organ donation.