Facts About A Baby In Womb

There are many interesting facts that are unknown regarding the babies when they are in the womb. Every stage and every week of pregnancy brings along many changes in your baby’s development.Every time you visit your doctor, you are anxious and excited. Excited to see your baby’s well-being and happy to see the development.Here are some facts about a baby in womb.

Facts about a baby in womb are:

1.Development Of Eyes And Ears: During the eight week of pregnancy, your baby’s little eyes and ears starts growing. The baby by this time is two centimeters long from crown to rump and the face also starts developing.

2.External Genitals: Your babies genitals start developing in the ninth week of pregnancy. It is only after the 12 weeks of the pregnancy that male or female genitals could be differentiated. This is one of the interesting facts about baby in womb.

3.Body Is Fully Formed: Your baby is 5 centimeters long from crown to rump during the 12th week of the pregnancy. Your baby’s body is fully formed including fingers with nails, toes and ears.

4.Your Baby Is Half The Length Of It’s Birth: At week 20 your baby is 18 cms in length from crown to rump and the baby starts to move inside your womb. By this time the eyebrows of the baby are visible and finger nails are well-developed.

5.Baby’s Hearing Is Developed: At 24th week of the pregnancy, your baby will hear voices from outside the womb and can respond to the same. Your baby’s face and organs develop completely by this time. The skin is thin and wrinkled but protected by waxy hair.

6.Breathing: Your baby breaths inside your womb even though no real oxygen has been taken through the lungs. Around 27 week of pregnancy your baby’s lungs actually breaths in air.

7.Sense Of Smell: Approximately after 28th week of pregnancy the baby develops the sense to smell. The baby in the womb will be able to smell the same way as adults.

8.Your Baby Opens Eyes: Your baby opens eyes in the womb nearly around 32 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby will settle downwards (head towards the vaginal opening) by this time. There will be changes in the position of the baby in the womb. You can feel vigorous moments of baby’s arms and legs. Your baby’s length from crown to rump around this time should be 35 to 38 cms and 44 to 55 cms from head to toe.

9.Baby Is Healthy And Plump: Your baby’s development in womb at about 40 weeks (9 months) is complete and full term. During this time your baby’s head is lying on the top of your cervix. At the time of delivery your baby should weight about 2 to 3 kgs. Some babies weight from 2 to 5 kgs also.

These are the facts about a baby in womb.