Fighting In Front Of Children Effects

Fighting in front of your child could be one of the most foolish things to do. Parents must be aware of the fact that such things could make bad parenting.It is important to put certain issues around the moment your kids are around. If there are any issues between you and your spouse, it is better to settle them when kids are not around.It is good to remember that every act of yours will have its own influence in the kid’s mind. When your actions do impact your children, being more conscious and mindful would surely help.Here are some effects of fighting in front of children.

Effects of fighting in front of children are:

1.Likes & Dislikes: Parents fighting in front of the baby may even look like enemies to kids. Kids may tend to take sides and form opinions about their parents. They may like one parents and may start hating the other parent. This is dangerous as kids generally love both the parents alike.

2.Fear: One of the effects of fighting in front your baby is that it creates fear in your child. Your kid might or might not be able to understand the reason behind the fight but he or she can surely understand that something is wrong between his parents and something unpleasant is going on. Kids may get intimidated and this might create certain complexes in them.

3.Unpleasant Childhood Memories: Kids would develop bad childhood memories if they frequently see arguing parents or quarrelling adults around. Try to give some pleasant childhood memories for you kid so that he or she can look back and feel proud of being your kid.

4.Wrong Example: You are setting a wrong example by fighting in front of your kids. Your kids would pick up those behaviour traits and might try to imitate you when they grow up. Aggression, when imitated may become an unpleasant behaviour trait in your kids.

These are the effects of fighting in front of children.