Foods That Must Avoid To Prevent Mucus Formation

Mucus is a lubricant that is produced by the tissues lining the mouth, nose, sinuses, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and the nose.When produced at the optimal level, mucus is really helpful to our body by protecting it, since it has antibodies, proteins, enzymes, etc.But when it is triggered to produce more, it becomes thicker and stickier, making one to feel very uncomfortable. Mucus production is more when you fall sick or are allergic to some kind of an allergen or may be due to the consumption of certain foods.Here are some foods to avoid to prevent mucus formation.

Foods that must avoid to prevent mucus formation are:

1.Milk Products: Dairy products like yogurt, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc., contain casein, which is very difficult to digest. Once the digestion process gets completed, some of the partially digested leftover food triggers the formation of excess mucus, thus causing an irritating and a very uncomfortable feeling.

2.Processed Wheat Flour: Gluten present in wheat flour is the cause to trigger the over production of mucus in the nasal passage. If one is allergic to wheat and wheat products, it is best to stay away from them.

3.Coffee: It might be surprising to many that coffee can trigger excess mucus production. The reason for this being the caffeine and sugar content present in this drink. Also, it can increase the acid reflux, thus causing the mucus to stick to our throat, causing it a hindrance to swallowing.

4.Alcohol: Excess of alcohol consumption not only leads to many serious health issues but it also triggers the production of excess mucus. For our overall well-being, it is best not to overdo the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

5.Meat: Smoked or dried meat contains a natural ingredient named histamine. This content can cause a reaction in our system that increases the production of mucus.

6.Deep-fried Foods: The excess oil present in the deep-fried foods is the culprit which can cause the increased production of mucus in our system. This, in turn, might cause a severe asthma attack.

7.Soy Products: Choosing soy products in replacement to dairy products may not work for many, as this food, if avoided, can lower the production of mucus and alleviate many allergy symptoms. Soy also has the tendency to increase the formation of unhealthy mucus.

Health Issues Due To The Formation Of Increased Mucus: Chronic cough, Disturbed sleep, Bad breath, Stuffy nose, Alertness gets reduced, Sense of taste gets dulled. Also, many a time, you might be the victim of poor digestion. This is because excess mucus causes the food particles to be stuck to the intestinal walls, which might cause blockages.As a result, poor absorption of food takes place leading to many intestinal problems. It is best to switch over to a diet which reduces the formation of mucus. Some of them might include raw fruits and vegetables like radish, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, celery, citrus fruits, pineapple, berry, etc. These foods go a long way in cleaning our system from mucus and giving a relief from mucus-related health issues.