Foods That You Must Avoid On Empty Stomach

If skipping your breakfast is one health mistake, eating an unhealthy breakfast is another mistake. Most of us focus too much on foods to eat on empty stomach.But there are some foods which could harm your health when consumed on empty stomach. But some of us do eat them on a daily basis can eat fresh fruits, oatmeal, eggs, bread, salad and upma in the morning.Here are some foods that you must avoid on empty stomach.

Foods that you must avoid on empty stomach are;

1.Spicy Items: If you eat spicy dishes on empty stomach, your stomach experiences a burning sensation as the food might irritate your intestinal lining.

2.Diary: Though yoghurt is not a bad thing on empty stomach, it could cause acid reflux and flatulence in some. That is due to the presence of lactic acid in milk.

3.Soft Drinks: Those drinks are bad not only on empty stomach; they are unhealthy all the time. When you drink a fizzy drink on empty stomach, it causes certain gaps in the digestive tract. This could make you feel bloated. Also, the fructose in them is unhealthy sugar.

4.Coffee: Most of us start the day with caffeine but the sad part is that it could stimulate hydro-chloric acid when consumed on empty stomach. When there isn’t food in the stomach, the secreted acid could irritate the stomach lining.

5.Beans: Beans on empty stomach could cause flatulence and gas. Your body may find it tough to breakdown beans and this could cause fermentation of beans in your system.

6.Beer: Drinking beer on empty stomach is the craziest thing to do. It could cause burning sensation, headache and also bloating.

7.Citrus Fruits: Though they are healthy, people who have stomach issues should not consume them on empty stomach as they may cause acidity, heartburn and ulcers. They contain acid.

8.Tomato: Even tomato contains an acid which could cause gastric ulcer and acidity when consumed on empty stomach.

These are the foods that must avoid on empty stomach.