Honest trust me, the corrupt have a problem: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the honest trusted him and the corrupt had a problem as he ensured the benefits meant for the poor reached them directly.

Modi said those who had worked as middlemen in areas, including deals concerning national security for illegal gratification were facing the music now.

"This 'Pradhan sevak' (himself), this 'chowkidar' (ensures) that the benefits meant for poor are going directly to their accounts. That is why the honest have trust on Modi while the corrupt have a problem," he said at a public rally in Hubbali.

In an apparent reference to Robert Vadra and former Union Minister P. Chiadmbaram's son Karti appearing before probe agencies like the ED, he indicated this could have hardly happened earlier.

"You are seeing in Delhi what is happening.. those whose incomes people dared to talk about earlier, are now appearing before courts (and) agencies," he said.

Such persons were giving details of their domestic and foreign benami properties".