How to Make Office Romance Successful

Now a days people often spend more time at office than at home and for same single men and women don’t have the time to socialize and meet new people and get romance partners, Naturally they seek potential partners within their surroundings ‘The Office’. Basic thought of single person is that work is a natural place to meet new people because they spend at least 40 hours a week at work, with individuals of similar backgrounds and interests. Relationship with Coworkers can be especially tempting because hard work doesn’t leave much time to socializing.

PRIVACY : Sometimes keeping office relationship a secret is more better as if coworkers and superiors know about the involvement, the two of you might be placed under watch when it comes to evaluating work quality and ethics.

KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL : Some says keep it a secret romance and others saysdo not hide from coworkers. In office keep your best to keep the relationship professionally. This will gain professional respect for both of you.

COMMON INTEREST : When you meet someone at work, chances are you will find the two of you discussing work related issues in private times. Try avoiding it.

Be careful if your Romance is with your Subordinate of superior. While two of you might not have your work hierarchy influence your relationship and work ethics, the outsiders might see it differently . To them, the relationship would have a conflict in interest. It is a interest fact that about 64 percent of women who has a work romance with a boss have reported that their work situation has improved as a result of the romance.