Hyderabad-Karnataka region renamed as 'Kalyana Karnataka'

Fulfilling a long standing demand of the people of Hyderabad-Karnataka region, Chief Minister B.S Yediyurappa announced that it has been renamed as 'Kalyana Karnataka' and a separate secretariat would be established for its development.

"It has been a long standing demand to rename Hyderabad-Karnataka as 'Kalyana Karnataka'. With God's grace at the time when I'm the Chief Minister of the state, I'm declaring Hyderabad-Karnataka as 'Kalyana Karnataka'.

There is a festive atmosphere in the six districts of the region," Yediyurappa told.

The Chief Minister said a separate secretariat would be set up for the development of 'Kalyana Karnataka', through which funds would be released for developmental work

All other formalities relating to the renaming would follow in consultation with the Centre, he said.