PM Modi, in letter to nation, speaks of 'tremendous suffering' of migrants

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked the first anniversary of his second term on Saturday by writing an open letter to his countrymen, asserting that India has started traversing on the path to 'victory' in its long battle against COVID-19 while acknowledging 'tremendous suffering' of migrant workers among others.

In normal circumstances, he would have been in people's midst but the present conditions, a reference to the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus, do not permit that, he said, explaining the reason for his writing the letter.

He said his government has taken 'historic' decisions and the nation progressed rapidly in the last one year, even as he acknowledged that there is a lot that needs to be done and many challenges and problems face the country.

"I am working day and night. There could be deficiencies in me but there is nothing that our country lacks," Modi said, adding, "I believe in you, your strength and your abilities even more than I believe in myself."

He said India has surprised the world with its unity and resolve in the fight against coronavirus, and there is a firm belief that it will also set an example in economic revival.

Talking of the people's sufferings, he said in a crisis of this magnitude, it can certainly not be claimed that no one suffered any inconvenience or discomfort.

"Our labourers, migrant workers, artisans and craftsmen in small scale industries, hawkers and such fellow countrymen have undergone tremendous suffering. We are working in a united and determined way to alleviate their troubles," he said.

Modi asked people to take care to ensure that inconveniences that they are facing do not turn into disasters. Desk: Asianet Online