India up one place on global talent competitiveness ranking at 80th

India has moved up one position to rank 80th on the global talent competitive index, but remains a laggard among the BRICS nations, a new survey showed on Monday.

Switzerland continues to top the list, released on the first day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos by INSEAD business school in partnership with Tata Communications and Adecco Group.

With an overall position of 45th and despite a fall of two places, China is the best performer among BRICS countries, while India remains the laggard of this grouping, the report said.

However, India performed better than its lower-income peers when it comes to growing talent (48th) and access to growth opportunities (41st).

Notwithstanding the scope for improvement across the board, India's biggest challenge is to improve its ability to attract (95th) and retain (96th) talent, the report noted.

Above all, there is a need to address its poor level of Internal Openness (116th) -- in particular with respect to weak gender equality and low tolerance towards minorities and immigrants and its disappointing showing in lifestyle (112th) indicators, it added.

The survey measures how countries and cities grow, attract and retain talent, ranking 125 countries and 114 cities across all groups of income and levels of development.

The study also found that entrepreneurial talent has become a key differentiator in relative talent competitiveness.

Switzerland is followed by Singapore, the US, Norway and Denmark in the top five on the list.