Union Cabinet nod for private sector in space

New Delhi: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K. Sivan has welcomed the government’s decision to open up the space sector for private players.

"We are very excited with these reforms and confident that our innovative youth come forward to avail all the opportunities arising from these reforms. Several start-ups have already come forward and we are assured that India will emerge as a major hub for global space economy", Sivan said at a digital press conference on Thursday.

"I invite whole-heartedly the private players to come forward and carry out the space activities and make India a global technology powerhouse", he added.

The ISRO chief said that these reforms will transcend India into a new space era.

"If space sector is opened, potential of entire country can be utilised to scale up benefits from space technology. It’ll not only result in accelerated growth of sector but also enable Indian industry to be important player in global space economy", Sivan said.


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