Know These Benefits Of Chewing Food Well

Food needs to be broken down well so that your body will be able to digest it and absorb the nutrients present in it.When you are in a hurry, you tend to worry only about grabbing some food and shoving it down the throat but things don’t work like that. Here are some benefits of chewing food well.

Benefits of chewing food well are:

1.You will end up eating less when you chew your food well. Generally, your brain takes some time to realise how much you are eating. When you eat fast, your brain will not realise. But when you eat slowly by chewing food well, you will feel full and eat less.

2.Your stomach gets ready for digestion only when your teeth start working. So, chewing well will enhance digestion as your stomach gets its signal and makes the necessary preparations.

3.Digestion starts in the mouth. Yes, when you chew food well, saliva and teeth can break down the food into manageable particles easier for digestion. Improperly chewed food may not be properly digested.

4.Also, chewing food well will let you enjoy the taste and flavour of it. This is in fact a luxury.

5.Chewing food well may also give your body enough time to secrete certain hormones like leptin, ghrelin and so on which have an important role in the process of digestion.

6.Some studies claim that every bite must be chewed at least 30-50 times to make it digestion-friendly. But none of us have that much of time to chew food properly.

7.Many health estimates claim that people who chew thoroughly tend to be of healthy weight. Also, if you are planning to lose weight, chewing food thoroughly may help you reach your goal faster.

These are the benefits of chewing food well.