Know These Food Additives That You Need To Avoid

If processed foods are a part of your daily life, then you need to read this article. As of now, it is almost impossible for people to stay away from packaged and processed food products. Processed foods are known for their undeniable taste as well as their ease of preparation. These also do not go bad like the fresh produce.These ingredients make the food last longer and also look better. But they are also known to make us fatter, have higher cholesterol, higher blood pressure and also other kinds of side effects. These are loaded with tons of salt, sugar and fat. There are certain worst additives that you need to steer clear of, by all means.Here are some food additives that you need to avoid.

Food additives that you need to avoid are:

1.Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners and fake sugars are the worst kind of additives that you need to get off from. Some people believe that drinking diet soda will help them lose weight. But the chemicals present in these can also cause problems in your body. These top the list of food additives to avoid.

2.Sodium Nitrate: This is an additive that is added to meat products to keep them edible for long. Nitrates are a carcinogen that are known to be extremely dangerous for the body.

3.Caffeine: Caffeine is not only addictive but can also cause birth-related issues, heart problems, depression and insomnia to name a few.

4.Refined Sugar: Refined sugar is there in almost every food that you opt to eat outside. This can increase the risk of diabetes, headaches, obesity as well as cancer and heart diseases. This is one of the top food additives to be avoided.

5.MSG: MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is an additive used in certain foods that bring out the strong flavours in foods. Studies have shown that MSG can cause nerve damage as well as headaches if consumed in excess.

6.BVO: Brominated vegetable oil is an additive that keeps the oil in soft drinks suspended. Bromate is known to be a poison and even a small consumption of this can cause sickness.

7.Oleon: Oleon, or olestra, is an additive that is found in snacks. It is meant to make the food less fattening. Products with oleon are known to cause abdominal issues and also deplete the body of vitamins and nutrients if had in excess.

8.GMO: GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are animals and plants that are genetically altered. Some examples of these are foods like meat, corn and some vegetables. This can cause food allergies, deplete the immune system and also cause cancer. This is one of the food additives you should avoid at any cost.

9.Pesticides: Most of the pesticides are proven to be carcinogens. The only way to avoid pesticides is to go for organic foods. These are known to weaken the immune system and raise the incidence of cancer in the body cells. Hence, it is important to wash the veggies and greens thoroughly to remove traces of these components.

These are the food additives that you need to avoid.