Know These Natural Remedies To Prevent Giddiness

Fasting, performing several pujas, cleaning the house, indulging youself in garba and dandiya during navratri will surely make one feel weak and giddy.Feeling of dizziness is quite common during festivals, especially when you are fasting. One tends to have a feeling of light headedness and they tend to lose the balance of the body and leads to fainting.Though it isn’t a serious issue, but if you are really looking at keeping yourself fit and enjoy the festival then you need to be a little careful.Here are some natural remedies to prevent giddiness.

Natural remedies to prevent giddiness are:

1.Water: Dehydration leads to dizziness.Getting oneself hydrated is one of the best way to keep away giddiness.

2.Chamomile Tea: Sipping a cup of chamomile tea helps in providing mental relief and energizing the body. It provides the body the needed energy and prevent dizziness.

3.Proper Breathing: A proper inhalation of oxygen helps in calming the mind and provides the body the needed relaxation. Hence, taking long deep breaths for few seconds helps in preventing dizziness.

4.Amla: Rich in vitamin C amla helps in driving away dizziness. One could consume it as a fruit or make it as a paste, add it with water and coriander, keeping it overnight and then drink it.

5.Coriander Seeds: Take about a tablespoon of coriander seeds, add it to a gladd of water, keep it overnight. Strain it and then drink it early in the morning. It helps in preventing the symptoms of dizziness.

6.Cumin Seeds: Consuming cumin seeds mixed with nutmeg powder helps in preventing dizziness and also cures it.

7.Yogurt: The moment you feel a kind of dizzy have half a bowl of yogurt, it helps in preventing dizziness and fainting in the middle of the festival time.

8.Almond: Almond is one of the best nuts. Soak few almond in water overnight and have it the morning. You could have it with milk as well. This helps in doing away with the dizziness.

9.Basil: Add few basil leaves to a glass of milk, boil it and then have it before going to bed. This helps to get rid of dizziness.

10.Peppermint Oil: Take few drops of peppermint oil, gently massage the forehead using the oil. This will help in treating dizziness.

11.Celery Juice: Celery is one of the best ingredient that helps in providing relief from dizziness caused due to low pressure. When one gets too exhausted lowering of blood pressure is common.

12.Lemon: Rich in vitamin C, lemon helps in preventing dizziness. Crush half a lemon in a glass of water, stir it and then drink. It helps in providing the needed energy.

These are the natural remedies to prevent giddiness.