Know These Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

Though milk is a very good source of calcium, some people who are lactose intolerant may not be able to enjoy it. And if you neglect calcium intake, the risk of osteoporosis may increase. If bones lose their density and strength, even daily life activities may turn into difficult tasks. So, people who are lactose intolerant and those who embrace a vegan lifestyle may need to find plant-based calcium sources.Here are some non-dairy calcium sources to know.

Non-dairy calcium sources are:

1.Kale: A cup of boiled kale contains 179 mg of calcium. Enjoy a cup of kale instead of a cup of milk every day.

2.Blackeye Peas: A cup of black eye peas can offer more than 210 mg of calcium.

3.Turnip: Enjoy boiled turnips daily as a cup of them offer more than 240 mg of bone-strengthening calcium.

4.Spinach: Spinach is really a super food. A cup of boiled spinach is enough to get 290 mg of calcium.

5.Sardine: If you are not a vegan and love to eat fish, then 100 grams of sardine can offer nearly 300 mg of calcium.

6.Collard: Even collard greens are rich in calcium. A cup of boiled greens can offer more than 300 mg of calcium.

These are the non-calcium sources to know.