Know These Tips For Sweat Proof Makeup

Summers are here and so is the humidity. While the heat scorches you continuously, the humidity leads to excessive sweating. The humidity levels may vary from place to place but cannot be escaped. Another thing that we cannot escape is to walk out plain, without makeup. And if you have to attend a party, a wedding or a get-together the need for makeup becomes all the more important.It is true that makeup cannot be made sweat proof but we can look at the ways to reduce the effects of sweat on our makeup. There are ways to make your makeup sweat-proof which means in spite of sweating you can have your makeup stay for a pretty long time.Here are some tips for sweat proof makeup.

Know these tips for sweat proof makeup are:

1.Cool off: Do not apply makeup immediately after a shower. At this time the pores are open making your skin susceptible to absorption. This is not good for the skin as it can lead to breakouts in the future. Let your skin cool off before you begin with your makeup regime.

2.Rub an ice cube: Rubbing an ice cube on your face or splashing ice cold water is a good way to cool off the skin. The pores close immediately leading to a taut and makeup-ready skin. It also leaves your skin feeling cold and delays sweating.

3.Go for the primer: Want to make your makeup last longer? One of the basic tips for sweat proof makeup is to always apply the primer. It creates a smooth base for the makeup and also enables smooth application of makeup.

4.Water-based over oil-based products: Summer months are not a good time for oil-based products. Instead go for the water-based ones. Oil-based products will cause increased sweating and eventually makeup running off.

5.Water-proof products: One of the ways to make your makeup sweat-proof is by investing in water-proof cosmetic products. There are various options available to choose from and summer makeup can become a lot more easier with them.

6.Blotting paper at hand: Let us face it; if it is summer there has to be a little bit of sweating if not too much. Sweat cannot be escaped. It is best to be prepared and carry some blotting paper. Rather than going for continuous touch-ups it is best to use the blotting paper to blot up the sweat at the first appearance.

7.Liquid liner instead of pencil: Pencil eye liners are wax based and can cause smudging due to sweat. Instead of the pencil go for the liquid liners. There are water-proof and smudge-proof liners available that do not run off due to sweat.

8.Lip liner a must: When applying lipstick prevent spillage of colour by ensuring a colour lock – a lip liner. The lip liner creates a boundary around the lips and seals the colour within its limits thereby preventing any kind of spillage on the face.

9.Keep it light: No matter how fond you may be of a makeup and dressing up but summer is the time to keep it light – the colour as well as the quantity. If a light coloured makeup smudges by any chance it is not visible as much as compared to a dark coloured one. Also if you apply minimal makeup you allow your skin to breathe freely.

These are the tips for sweat proof makeup to know.