Know These Warning Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance

We often face several health problems like hair fall, depression, fatigue or irregular periods (for women) but neglect it thinking it’s ubiquitous. Such might not be the case. Maybe you are experiencing all these due to hormonal imbalance, and that’s when you need a proper medical guidance. Hormones are a secretion from the endocrine glands that control all our activities from hunger, sleep, menstruation to even the reproductive system.

Awareness about the cause of hormonal imbalance can help you keep a check on your health and take necessary precautions. According to statistics, women are more prone to getting hormonal imbalance than men. There can be several factors for these from pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause to pregnancy or even an underactive thyroid.Here are some warning signs of hormonal imbalance to know.

Warning signs of hormonal imbalance are:

1.Hot Flushes: Mostly this problem is found in women who are at the stage of having menopause. As hormones regulate all our activities including blood flow during menstruation, many women face the quick feeling of heat or a red face prior to or after menopause. Medication is required to treat the hormonal imbalance.

2.Hair Fall: This is a major issue which every woman is worried about. Not to mention today men have become equally self-conscious about themselves. You might be spending hours in beauty parlours trying to perfect the hair style that you recently saw in a fashion magazine. Instead of going through the vast number of hair product advertisements that you often see, consult a doctor. Hormonal imbalance can be a reason for your hair fall and beauty products can’t treat them. It requires proper medical care.

3.Weight Gain/Loss: Experiencing a sudden weight loss/gain, but often you think that a healthy diet or workout can balance it? Such might not be the case. Hormones control our body metabolism. It is a driving factor in determining whether to store the fat or remove it. Unhealthy food cravings can lead to stubborn belly fat, and you experience a weight gain. Similarly, thyroid can also be a factor. It can make you thin or fat, depending on the type of thyroid issue you are suffering from. So, whenever you experience such abnormal weight loss/gain, try to consult your nearest physician for a proper diet that includes an adequate amount of protein.

4.Sleep Problem: Sleepless nights are a major problem that most of us face. In medical terms, this is stated as insomnia. But the real reason for insomnia is not because you had an afternoon nap, but due to hormonal imbalance that is causing this sleep disorder. Hormonal imbalance fails to communicate to the body when to sleep and when to work. It can be alarming so visit a doctor as soon as possible. Sleepless nights can make you feel uneasy and inactive for the rest of the day.

5.Depression: Often we suffer from depression or severe mood swings but don’t know the real reason behind it. Mood swings become dominant especially during the menstrual cycle for many women. The reason can be a hormonal imbalance. The happy hormone or serotonine that is responsible for keeping us delighted or treat mood swings can be disrupted. You can thus feel unnecessary anxiety or depression. Consult an endocrinologist or a psychiatrist in extreme cases.

6.Fatigue: This is quite evident when you are suffering from hormonal imbalance. As stated earlier, hormones control all our body functions, and a slight disruption can cause havoc. When you suffer from poor digestion, lack of sleep or depression, the body has to work more to perform the daily task, as in eat, work, sleep, etc. In this procedure, the body gets exhausted and you face chronic or persistent fatigue. Take this as a warning sign and refer to a doctor for help.

7.Change In Appetite: At some point or the other, we often face this change in appetite. Either we crave to eat a lot, especially when we are depressed or having menstrual cramps, or we completely reduce our food intake just because we feel bloated or full. This can be due to hormonal imbalance that regulates our eating habits. If you feel like munching during odd hours, keep a note of it as this can be a warning sign. Similarly, hormonal imbalance causes poor digestion, and you don’t feel like eating at all.

8.Irregular Periods: A pervasive problem which every woman faces during that time of the month. Irregular periods are a clear indication of hormonal imbalance and often can become severe, taking the form of cysts. Along with this menstrual cramps and mood swings come along. So, take it seriously and consult a gynaecologist for a further consultation.

9.Infertility: Infertility can be prevalent in both a man and a woman (although women are the ones who are mostly blamed). Often hormonal imbalance is the prime reason for infertility. The formation of cysts in ovary blocks the way for fertilization. So this needs medical expertise.

These are the warning signs of hormonal imbalance.