Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room

Just like how you plan furniture for room dimensions, your lighting also requires a little thinking. The wall colours, home decor themes help you decide on where should the lights be installed and their point of focus. Gone are the days when the walls of the house had lengthy tubelights that stained the walls and looked awful. The evolution in the design and technology of lights has reached a bigger level now. Apart from direct and indirect lighting, even mood lights have come to set the ambiance required.To many, lights may be just to brighten up rooms but they too have a lot to do with human emotions, igniting passion, calming down minds etc.Here are some lighting ideas for your living room.

Lighting ideas for your living room are:

1.Your Living Room Have A TV: If you have a television in the living room, the lighting of the room needs to be either from the ceiling or on the wall that has the TV mounted. Light fixtures on the opposite wall glare on the screen and disturbs the viewer.

2.To Install Indirect Lights: Those areas that require soft lighting, for example a glittery art piece can sparkle even brightly in a corner for the room. If one of the walls has direct lighting, the rest need to be balanced with the indirect ones. Table lamps are the examples of indirect lighting.

3.To Brighten Up Art Work And Photo Frames: Focus lamps avialable in stores can help you highlight objects in particular. These chromium plated neon lamps are very powerful and provide sharp light on home accessories.

4.Use Of Mirrors: Mirrors not only help in making rooms look bigger but also help in brightening them whitout much of installation. A big mirror installed on the wall oppposite to the direct lighting reflect and make room look reasonably bright and beautiful. Mirrors are best addition to make in the living room as they save energy.

5.Lights And Colour: Colour of the lights set the mood of the family members. Flourescent lights keep you active while bluish/ yellow lights make you feel drowsy. Red lights have the power of making you feel irritated or set a sensual atmosphere. Green lights bring in a venomous feeling.

These are the lighting ideas for your living room.