Lokpal gets its logo, motto

Anti-corruption ombudsman Lokpal got its logo and motto after receiving over 6,000 entries through an open competition, a personnel ministry statement said.

A total of 2,236 entries were received for logo and 4,705 for motto or slogan from people of varied age group and from different parts of the country in response to the open competition.

While the design of the logo was selected from among the entries, the personnel ministry said none of the entries for motto or slogan were found suitable and it was selected by the Lokpal itself.

On the basis of a three-stage selection process, the design of Prashant Mishra from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh is selected for adoption as the logo of Lokpal, the statement said.

"The logo is based upon the literal meaning of Lokpal -- 'Lok' meaning people and 'pal' meaning caretaker, i.e. caretaker of people, said Mishra.

The logo symbolises how Lokpal protects and cares for the people of the country by establishing justice as per law, he said.

"The logo symbolises various essence of Lokpal figuratively in shapes such as ombudsman (judges bench), people (three human figures), vigilance (Ashoka Chakra forming eye-pupil), law (shape of book in orange colour) and judiciary (the tricolour two hands are placed below forming a unique balance)," Mishra told explaining his design.

The logo is in tricolour representing the national essence of Lokpal, he said.