Things You Didn't Know About Your Man

We were in shock when we found out that most of the men do not keep a track of the basic information about their girlfriends, like her phone number, her birthday, her favorite food and holiday destination . Apparently, there is plenty we do not know about our man too

They donot talk much about with his friends but still discuss his ex gf

Do not panic! This is no big deal. From beginning, women are way more terrible than men when it comes to “projection about their man”. Men are extraordinarily tight lipped, when it comes about discussing their relationship. Of course, they do flaunt their sexual encounters, so spill out their old stories with their exes.

Finds your besties hot

Did they just talk about your best friend then he He finds her hot! And your colleague from work! And your little cousin! And your aunt! It does not matter if he is going to make with them someday, but apart from you, if something is beautiful to him … They are all of them!

Using girly products sometimes

Its every man’s ream to do girly things that would make their skin satin soft like girls This could be your facial cream, or the strawberry fragrant conditioner, or the hair removing cream. Also, he will secretly pamper his dark circles if he finds them to be too sluggish to feel instant pretty.

Don”t Know to do all the guy stuffs

If you have never seen him changing a Tyre or changing the bulb, probably he has no idea how to do it! Perhaps, he does not know the abcd of the electronic world! Ever try asking him to replace a fused bulb, if he makes excuses… You will know the answer.

Pretty insecure about his Muscles, height and weight

He may crack jokes in public, about his double dickered 20 packs, but somewhere deep inside he is worried and feels complex about his physical traits .Remember, all guys have certain physical gears, about which they are conscious!

Likes to love!

He may not be like the movie- guys running around the trees, but they likes to love! Surprisingly, love is the next best thing for guys that can happen to guys. There are of course many silly and stupid reasons, for which they create chaos in a relationship.