The Mistake Made By Guys While Proposing

For some guys, declaring love for their sweetie is a very simple task. Just get down on one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?” But, in fact, this simple looking task is very complicated. You never realize that some silly mistakes can ruin your love life. Proposing someone ‘special’ is a moment that requires careful preparation and rehearsal.

Proposing in Public

You are so excited that you want to shout for your marriage proposal so that the entire world can hear your feelings about her. But, there is a probability that your hoped-for bride does not like the idea. She might feel embarrassed and pressured if you pop the question in front of colleagues, friends and strange public. The flash of your proposal should be sensible, superb and unforgettable, so think hard before putting the proposal in public.

Proposing Without the Engagement Ring

Popping the question “Will you marry me” empty-handed is the biggest gaffe, most of the guys make. Putting the marriage proposal with a diamond engagement ring will make it the ‘moment of her dreams. If you can’t afford the diamond engagement ring at present, don’t worry! Buy an inexpensive ring and upgrade it afterwards, when you become more financially stable. But, never propose without a ring!

 Tittle-tattling About the Proposal Plan

Blabbing about the proposal intentions to your or her friends can leak out the plan, unveiling everything to your fiancé-to-be before the big moment. She will not be happy if she later comes to know that a lot of people were acquainted about the engagement, before she did. Therefore, keep your proposal plan a secret and confined to you for the time being, if you don’t want to spoil the surprise.

 Not Waiting for the Right Time

The moment of marriage proposal is the most precious and memorable instant, which your sweetheart will talk about, for the rest of her life. It’s on you whether you want to make the moment a situation- comedy, or an epic romance! If you propose your sweetheart too early, she might not be prepared to hold-up. If you propose her too late, she can speculate why it was taking you so long. Therefore, wait for the right time. Before proposing, know her mood.

Not Including Her Family Members in the Proposal Plan

Seeking for the permission of girlfriend’s family, before proposing, might seem to be a little bit old-fashioned, but it’s the gentleman thing to do. Before proposing her, disclose your intentions to any of her immediate family members.