Morgan Reveals its Aero GT model at the Geneva motor show

British carmaker Morgan has revealed its Aero GT model at the Geneva motor show. With a modern (for Morgan) exterior design that takes inspiration from motorsport, only eight of these vehicles will be built, each of them priced at £120,000.

Producing 372hp and 490Nm of torque, the V8 is linked to a BMW six-speed manual gearbox that delivers drive to the rear wheels.

The bespoke variant gets aggressive aerodynamic features inspired by Morgan’s 2009 GT3 racing car.

The vehicle was named after the “famous eight-cylinder engine beneath the car’s hand-built body,” proclaims the car-maker.

The car retains the Aero 8’s aluminium chassis and adjustable suspension, but gains the option of a carbonfibre hard top in place of the standard soft top.