Mysterious deaths in Koodathayi, Police arrests close relative


Police on Saturday took two persons into custody in connection with the serial deaths of six members of a family at Koodathai in Kozhikode district under similar circumstances in a span of 14 years. 

One among them is Jolly, wife of Shaju and ex-wife of Roy, one of the deceased.The other is a friend of Jolly who is a jewellery employee. It is suspected that Jolly’s friend supplied the cyanide that was reportedly used to murder the six family members.

At present, the two have been taken into custody in connection with the death of Roy Thomas. Only a detailed inquiry will reveal if they were involved in the other five deaths also. Meanwhile, the police have confirmed that Roy died after consuming poison. 

The evidence collected from bodies exhumed from the two church cemeteries in Kozhikode will be crucial in the case. Investigation officers held aa meeting at the office of Vatakara rural SP. The two accused were brought to this office for further inquiry. Their arrests are likely to be recorded by evening.

Though presence of cyanide in Roy’s body was revealed during post mortem, the information was kept secret under the assumption that it was a suicide and to avoid humiliation to the family. However, there was no further investigation regarding this. Officials said it will take one month to get DNA test results which will confirm the cause of death of the other five family members.