NCERT suggests opening of schools in green, orange zones

New Delhi: The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has suggested that schools in Orange and Green Zones could be opened and students from Classes 8-12 can be brought in a staggered manner, as and when the lockdown is lifted.

According to the recommendations, children up to Class 7 will not be brought in to schools till the lockdown is lifted completely, as concerns over their health and safety remain.

Additionally, only one-third of students will be brought in, as and when schools reopen.

The source also added that schools may be asked to 'completely sanitize' their premises on a regular basis and students must wear masks.

Even while travelling to schools, parents and schools must ensure that the safety of students is not endangered.

When asked about when schools are likely to reopen, the source said that this decision will only be taken by the HRD Ministry, which is now studying the proposal presented by the NCERT. Desk: Asianet Online